Prayers & Praises: Dec. 2017

Prayer Requests and Praises for Edinboro Camp & Retreat Center

  1. Help those who serve at the camp to do it based upon Colossians 3:23-24: a. Do with all our hearts.   b. Do it for the Lord and not for humans. c. Remember we are serving Christ.
  2. Prayer that Edinboro Camp would never compromise God’s Word.
  3. Prayer that Karin would one day be able to quit her job and be able to devote more time to the camp.
  4. Pray we can receive the funds needed from a grant we applied for so we can finish the inside of the new building (Family Center). The money will enable us to purchase and install all the sports equipment, paint all the lines, and put a special finish on the floor.
    • We will know by December 15 how much money we will receive toward our project. We need about $30,000 to complete the work.
    • We could receive anywhere from $0.00 to $30,000.
  5. Pray God will help us fill our weekends with more retreats.
    1. Thank God for the ones we have and we look forward for those that will soon come.
    2. Pray people with a passion for retreats would be willing to take charge of a specific retreat:
      • Men’s Retreat
      • Ladies’ Retreat
      • Concert
      • Entertainer (comedian – illusionist – etc.)
      • Or other interests.
  6. Pray God will help us provide more and better parking along with keeping our campers safe.
    • We have options but want God’s wisdom as to the best location for meeting this need.
  7. Pray for the Chili and Soup Cook-Off on January 13 – Noon to 2 pm.
  8. Pray for the Snow Camps. Last weekend in January and first 2 weekends in February.
  9. The vision is to make the entrance a little more attractive.
    • Praise the Lord because we have someone who will make the gate. If we get the materials, his labor is free.
    • Pray God provides free concrete blocks and concrete for the pillars out front.
    • Pray for the landscaping out front.
  10. Youth Tab:
    • Pray for more Team Building Equipment for our Team Building Room (google Team Building Equip.).
    • Pray for how we can best utilize the back room once used for storage.
    • Pray for our Snack Shop for we need some equipment to pass inspection which could cost a couple thousand dollars. Without the equipment, we could not use the FRYERS.
  11. Summer – Family – Snow Camps:
    1. Pray for all staffing needed to make the camps run smoothly and accomplish our Mission Statement.
    2. Pray for us to provide an environment that would help the people connect more with one another.
    3. During Summer Camp I would like to add some camps that would put emphasis on Missions, Evangelism and Community Service. Pray for God’s leading on this.
  12. Sewer Pit: Pray we can get the education needed so we could do our own water testing and save ourselves over $300 a month.
  13. Pray for Men with a Vision from Greenville, Pa. These men would like to come out to our camp for a week late April or early May and complete several tasks that need done as it relates to construction and electrical work. They would provide their services for free provided we house them and feed them.
  14. Electrical Work in the back half of the campgrounds. Pray God will help us identify exactly what needs done to fix the electrical issue and then fix it so that campers can utilize their electric equipment without problems.
  15. Camp Store: We have been praying for a building that could be used as a store so we could sell several different types of items, such as camping supplies, clothing, crafts, books, games, etc. It was suggested to use the old Maple House. Pray God would work out the details. Thank you!
  16. Fire Pits: we currently have 1 fire pit used during summer camps for testimony nights and family camp when people want to gather together. The goal is to have 2 fire pits, if possible, in order to help promote more “community” amongst the people. Second location has been discussed and it was suggested we make them a little more attractive. Pray God would help us be more intentional and show us even more ideas of how we can utilize the fire pits and promote more fellowshipping opportunities.
  17. Trail in the Woods: We have all kinds of trails in the woods. Let us pray we could use the back woods more for God’s purpose. Ideas for use would be Walking, Running, Team Building Course and Sledding.
  18. Pray God would continue to help me connect with businesses, churches and people in Edinboro along with being able to serve them.
  19. Plus pray that God will help me be able to share His vision for the camp with our Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches and Local Edinboro Churches.
  20. I’d like to see increase in heated housing. Pray God would show how we could provide housing for up to 100 people.
  21. Pray that our new Website will be up and running.


God is so Good!!! He has His hand upon this camp and I am thankful for all He does for us. Some PRAISES I’d like to share are:

  1. Thank God for all those who offer time and or money to help keep this ministry moving forward. We could not operate this camp without those who have given of themselves in some way. Praise the Lord! And Thank You ALL!!
  2. Praise the Lord for being able to connect with 50 businesses in Edinboro so far. My goal is to connect with all of them by the end of December. I figured maybe 50 more. Owners and Managers have been very nice and respectful as I present the 4 things below:
    • Meet with them.
    • Try to identify a need they have that we could help meet.
    • Get a Business Card so I can put it on my prayer board.
    • Offer them to attend a Bible Study Tuesday nights at the campground.
  3. Praise the Lord we have a new sign being made so we can put it up out front by February (weather permitting).
  4. Praise the Lord for the Edinboro University helping us with our design work, logos, and flyers.