An amazing week of fun, fellowship, and following God

Family Camp

Below is information from Family Camp 2017. The updated info and registration for Family Camp 2018 will be available in Spring 2018.

Why Family Camp?

  • In the summer we offer 9 days of Family Camp where we provide an environment with fun activities, great fellowship, meals, worship, Biblical teachings, campfires, etc.
  • Family Camp goes from August 5-13.
  • We have Special Activities for the whole family:
    • August 5th – 9 am – we have a golf outing for those who enjoy a game of golf.
    • August 5th at 6:45 pm we open with a concert by “Good Little Giants.”
    • Afterwards we have Milk Shakes along with fun fellowship.
    • August 12 – 9 am – we have a 5K Run/Walk for all ages and also at 10 am a ½ Mile Fun Run for kids.
    • August 12 – 10 am – For the ladies, we have the Great Commission Women’s Rally in the Worship Center.
  • Throughout the week we have Loomis Lodge where you can eat all three meals or you could grab some fried food from our Snack Shop.
  • Our large Picnic Pavilion provides a place for eating outdoors, playing games, reading, or having quiet time with the Lord.
  • We also provide Spiritual Food.
    • If you’d like, we have a prayer group that meets at 9:00 am.
    • At 10:30 am we have options for all ages where you can attend for teachings: Children’s Class followed by crafts, Grade School Class, Junior/Senior High Class, and of course a class for Adults.
    • In our new Worship Center, 6:45 pm, we have a Missionary Speaker.
    • 7:30 pm we split the ages up again. We have a Nursery, a place for the Children and a place for the Youth, while the adults stay in the Worship Center.
    • The evening ends with people gathering at the Snack Shop or gathering at different campsites for food and fellowship and laughter.
  • Family Camp would not be Family Camp without our daily activities:
    • From 1:30 to 4:30 pm we have Activities for all ages.
    • We also have an in ground swimming pool for your enjoyment.
    • Kids and youth can get involved with the planned interactive games which gives opportunities to meet new people.
    • We have basic games for youth and adults to also enjoy together: Corn Hole, Billiards, Ping Pong, Volleyball, 9 square, 4 square, Octa-Ball, Basketball, Carpet Ball, Board Games, and more.
  • Playground: The Lord has blessed us with a very nice, and large playground area. Kids love it!!!! Parents will often bring their child(ren) and sit and read or just watch while their kids play for a long period of time. It gives a parent a chance to relax if they so desire.
  • We have an on ground First Aid Center for those who need a little extra attention.
  • Lodging has options as well:
    • Campers can pick a spot to their liking.
    • Tents can be in the shade or sun.
    • Dorms rooms are available with bunk beds.
    • A Frames and Cottages are available but limited.
  • NICE Showers and Restrooms. Hot water for showers are always a plus and clean restrooms are a necessity.

Interested in Family Camp?

Registration will be available in Spring 2018